Our Mission


Our mission is simple.  We are here to help you feel better.

 CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural alternative that assists with bringing our bodies into balance.

Cannabis healing has been well known for thousands of years. Only in the past few generations has it been wiped from our consciousness as a result of cultural misunderstandings.

  But once again, we are realizing and embracing the healing possibilities of hemp.

 At HeroHemp, we are here to help you sort out your best options. We offer personal telephone consults or detailed written responses to your concerns.

 Our mission is honest representation.

We take pride in researching and representing the right products for our customers.

HeroHemp offers a selection of the most trusted and reliable CBD products on the market. Each brand is carefully vetted for 3rd party lab testing and certified organic practices.

 My personal connection:

I stumbled onto CBD several years ago when a friend suggested I try it for my 14-year-old arthritic Standard Poodle, Hazel. I was astounded when, after a couple of weeks, Hazel began romping around like  a puppy.  

At that  point I thought, “Why don’t I try it?”.  

I was suffering from severe dry eye and the usual aches and pains associated with middle age.  Today, with CBD as part of my life, I have no dry eye and, all in all, feel  healthier!  One thing that I hear time and again from my customers is how CBD reduces their discomfort, whether it is joint pain, anxiety, headaches, skin conditions, the list seems endless.

 That leads me to the present. I know how difficult it is to take the leap and to trust that you’ll be getting a pure and reputable product.  Please know that I am passionate about CBD and want everyone to  have the easiest access possible to information and  top notch quality products.

 Our mission is you.




I invite you to contact me anytime through email.



Thank you,

Cheryl  Hutto