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Designed for those instances where higher levels of CBD is desired, im·bue elevated delivers a strong 250 mg full spectrum CBD. This easy-to-use, pleasant tasting 30 ml liquid thoughtfully packaged within a drawstring muslin pouch and recyclable outer box.  

INGREDIENTS: Organically grown CBD Oil derived from Colorado grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin.




"Awesome, Excellent please read full review, this is a testimonial you will want to know about. Have a great Day! This tincture not only tastes yummy, which is great, my husband cannot go without. We had to order 2 bottles our second round and he's wondering when we should prepare to order more. He has an extremely stressful job. Works long hours, not an easy industry to be in, thankless and draining all day, BUT when he started taking 1-2 droppers a day he noticed clarity, clearer mind, more capable of keeping his body running all day, helps him sleep better and most importantly has been able to stop taking Alprazolam, which if you know anything about that RX it has horrible long term potential damage. Starting with early on set Dementia, which is just one. He feels much better and noticed the difference the first day after he ran out. He took his alprazolam until he got more and is off it again. It's a 5 star for us all day long. The health of my family is my priority and I'm loving the calmer less stressed husband. I would recommend and have to so many people!"


- Sarah